Black Panther Has Been Nominated For a Golden Globe For Best Picture

This morning the Golden Globe nominations came out, and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther has received a nomination for Best Picture (Drama). The movie also received additional nominations for Best Original Score and Best Original Song for “All the Stars”. Previously Fox’s Deadpool was nominated in the Musical or Comedy category, but Black Panther receiving a nomination in the Drama category is a pretty big deal for comic book movies.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Black Panther is on a path for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, but Disney is definitely pushing it for that. The Golden Globes are rarely a predictor of the Oscars, you’ll want to look at the various guild awards that will be coming up to see where the Oscars may be headed.

Still, earning a nomination for Best Picture in the drama category at the Golden Globes is a great accomplishment for a comic book movie and I’m sure Marvel is very proud of Black Panther this morning.