Sony is Already Hiding Avengers 4 Spoilers in Far From Home’s Marketing

Marvel fans have been really worried about how Sony is going to handle not spoiling Avengers 4 in marketing Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s understandable, since the trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming were very spoilery. But with Far From Home coming after Avengers 4 and the movie officially being set “minutes” after that movie, it seems like Marvel may be helping Sony be a little more cautious with what they show.

The CCXP convention is underway in Brazil, and Omelete has some very detailed pictures of the new “stealth” suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home that Sony has on display at the convention. They also posted a video showing off the detail, but there is something removed from the costume due to spoilers:

That round patch under the right shoulder had a specific logo on it during filming. However, since showing that logo (and thus saying Spider-Man is affiliated with it in the movie) is a huge post-Avengers 4 spoiler; Sony removed it from the costume that’s on display. If they’re being that careful to not spoil people looking at a costume on display at a convention, people should probably be reassured that the trailers won’t spoil that much either.

We’ll get our first look at Spider-Man: Far From Home this weekend as that’s when the trailer us supposed to arrive.