Rumor: Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Arriving on Saturday

We just saw the awesome new Captain Marvel trailer arrive last night, but this crazy MCU trailer week is far from over.

Despite everyone eagerly awaiting the Avengers 4 trailer, that won’t be coming tomorrow. It does definitely appear as if they were set to release it tomorrow morning (December 5th) but due to the funeral of George H.W. Bush and the national day of mourning that closes a lot of the government, including the New York Stock Exchange, the trailer has been postponed and there isn’t a new date as of this posting.

However, there is still more MCU goodness arriving later in the week. CCXP in Brazil is taking place beginning tomorrow, and this Saturday it looks like we will indeed get a trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home:

The current rumor is that there may be some kind of “first look” tease coming on Thursday for the trailer prior to it launching on Saturday.