The Avengers 4 Trailer Won’t Drop Today Either

The Avengers 4 trailer frenzy is going to continue for another day, as the trailer will not be dropping today.

Previously the internet was whipped into a frenzy by sensationalist websites who proclaimed on Tuesday that the trailer would arrive yesterday. Last night Collider held an Avengers: Infinity War screening with the Russo Brothers, and those websites led people to believe the trailer would be released at the screening. Obviously it wasn’t, and there are some people mad as they bought into those sites spreading speculation as fact.

The screening was completely focused on Avengers: Infinity War, and the Russos answered some pretty great questions while being prepared to “airhorn” anything related to Avengers 4. I even got to ask them something myself. But there was absolutely no hit or clue to Avengers 4 at the event, which brings us to today.

Last year Marvel released the first teaser trailer for Avengers: Infinity War on November 29th. As today is November 29th, people believe Marvel will be dropping the trailer on the one-year anniversary. Sadly, it’s not going to happen today, but the wait won’t be much longer. However spamming Marvel social media accounts with demands for the trailer won’t speed up its release at all, that’s just playing into the game of them seeing people crave it.

Of course that won’t stop people from claiming the trailer will surprise everyone today. Just don’t expect it and you won’t end up mad at the end of the day when it isn’t here.