The Chances of an Avengers 4 Trailer This Week

You don’t have to look at social media to know that Marvel fans are extremely on edge waiting for the trailer for Avengers 4. Following so many big trailer releases this month people are expecting Avengers 4 to be the next. The only question is when it’s going to drop.

NOTE: Before anyone misreads this article and makes a claim that I named a date here or said it is coming out this week; that’s not that this article says. Instead I’ll look at the possible ways it could show up this week, if it does at all.

A lot of sites today are running stories claiming that the trailer will arrive tomorrow, the 28th. They’re only basing that on a screening of Avengers: Infinity War that the Russo Brothers will do a Q&A with for Collider tomorrow night in Hollywood. This screening is for 800 people who won tickets to it, and it’s set in the evening tomorrow night beginning at 6:30pm Pacific. Since their Q&As usually run pretty long, it’s possible the event won’t be over until close to 11:00pm Pacific tomorrow, meaning it would be the middle of the night for the East Coast if anything were to be revealed there.

The possibility remains that the trailer could drop prior to the screening and then the Russos can show it for the crowd there for the first time on the big screen. The question then is if they’ll announce the trailer coming before hand. The Lion King trailer last week was a surprise during the FOX NFL game on Thanksgiving and Disney didn’t tease it at all. Likewise they didn’t tease the Artemis Fowl trailer that dropped this morning. If they do tease it via a social media post, the title probably won’t be revealed in that way.

It’s also possible that the Russos could announce the trailer date at the screening tomorrow during their Q&A.

If nothing happens for the rest of the day in terms of announcements, the trailer doesn’t drop tomorrow prior to the Infinity War screening, and if the Russos don’t announce it for Thursday or Friday while there; then the chances of it arriving this week are low.