New Captain Marvel Art Reveals the Red & Blue Helmeted Suit

We saw Captain Marvel with her helmet in the first teaser trailer for the movie, but it was on the green Kree Starforce suit. Now two peices of promo art have been released; showcasing the helmet (and mohawk) on the traditional red & blue suit.

These art art prints that Pyramid America will be releasing at the end of February. They showed up in the Previews Catalog, as pre-orders are beginning this coming week:

This one isn’t of the helmeted suit, but it is one of the pieces of promo art that leaked back in June, finally proving that art was indeed real; despite what many online would like you to think:

There is also a good amount of Captain Marvel tie-in merchandise (such as books) arriving in stores beginning the second week of January. As that’s sixty days from the release of the movie, it’s a good time when advanced tickets may go on sale and we could see the second trailer release around then as well.