Sony Sets Dates for Two Marvel Movies in 2020

Those wondering how Sony is going to respond to the box office success of Venom, may have a small answer today as they’ve set two release dates for Marvel movies in 2020.

While there are no names attached to either date, Sony has staked out 7-10-2020 and 10-2-2020 for two unnamed Marvel films. One of those is obviously Venom 2 where Venom will fight Annie/Carnage. The other is most likely the Jared Leto Morbius movie, which looks like will begin filming soon and didn’t yet have a release date.

As for the question of how this affects Spider-Man, it probably doesn’t. If anything Sony realizes how much money Spidey being in the MCU makes them, and they’ll probably want to try to get their movies side-loaded into the MCU somehow. It isn’t so much about forcing Spider-Man out of the MCU, but crossing their movies over with the MCU money bin.