Just Because You Don’t Like a Leak, It Doesn’t Make it Fake

Earlier today some more promo art from Avengers 4 leaked online, and partially due to the quality of the art and partially due to people not liking what they see; several large websites chose to die on the hill of proclaiming them as fake. Several sites claimed to “confirm” the art was fake, but their reasoning was that they didn’t like how it looked or how it was put together in Photoshop. And yes, all promo art such as this is created in Photoshop by putting together different elements; even faces from characters from earlier promo art.

Just like the earlier promo art that leaked, only to be proven real by the reshoot set photos, this leaked art is very close to being shown as legit. We’re very close to the first teaser trailer for Avengers 4, and there’s a chance there may be one character in the teaser wearing these white suits that sites are calling “bogus”. I’ve also heard from other sources who have seen various toys from the movie, and they feature the white suits as well.

But this controversy is another example of the Internet declaring a leak as “fake” just because they don’t like it for violating their headcanon. It’s something that’s been going on in other fandoms for quite a while.

Back in 2015, the website Making Star Wars published a huge spoiler for The Force Awakens that said Luke Skywalker only appeared in the final shot of the movie. If you think Star Wars fans were unhappy with The Last Jedi, you probably weren’t around for the rage that spoiler caused. Since everyone hated the idea of Luke basically not appearing in Episode VII, people revolted, sent death threats to the author of the spoiler, and some sites dedicated their entire existence to debunking the spoiler. All because they didn’t like it.

With the secrecy surrounding Avengers 4, this is already starting to happen with the movie. People have spent the last six months inventing the sequel in their head, and when the real thing is revealed; there are going to be some unhappy people:

I did a video on the MCU Cosmic YouTube channel breaking down the leaked images and explaining why they are very likely to be real; despite people not liking the look of the suits or the rough Photoshop work.

Today’s hysteria with sites jumping to debunk something they didn’t like won’t age well in a couple of weeks. Of course, by then people will pretend that they never screamed “fake” over promo art that ends up being real. It’s almost as if they didn’t learn their lesson from the first time they did this earlier in the year when the first art leaked…