Official: Captain Marvel is Set in 1995

The answer to what year in the 90s Captain Marvel is set in has an official answer now, as Disney has revealed that the movie is set in 1995.

The revelation comes from the official Marvel section of Disney’s Japanese website a user on Reddit found, where they describe the movie as taking place in 1995 before the founding of The Avengers:

It’s an official Disney site, which makes this a confirmation on the actual year the movie is set.

Earlier in the week Brie Larson released a new image from the movie with 1992 MTV Rock the Vote posters visible. That led many, including me, to believe it the movie could be set earlier in the 90s in either 1991 or 1992. This official Disney website update has finally put all speculation to rest, as it looks like 1995 is the MCU year that we’ll be visiting in March.