Jude Law Can’t Tell You if He’s Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel

While the initial Hollywood trade reports said Jude Law would play Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel, recent theories have placed doubt on that. Even Jude Law can’t say if he is or isn’t playing the character!

To promote the new Fantastic Beasts movie, Jude Law appeared on The Late Show, and Stephen Colbert pressed him on his Captain Marvel role, “I thought you were Mar-vell. You’re not Mar-Vell?” Jude Law replied, “I can’t tell you who I am.” He continued to explain, “In Marvel, it’s like don’t you (bleep) ever tell anybody about this!”

Fan theories are thinking that Carol Danver is actually Mar-Vell in the movie, with that being her Kree name she adapts when taking the Captain Marvel name on Earth; while Jude Law is thought to be Yon-Rogg. There are rumors about how the origin plays out where Yon-Rogg could fit very well.

You can see the full Late Show interview below: