The PG-13 Deadpool is Officially Titled ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’

Previously rumored to be titled “The Deadpool Before Christmas”, the PG-13 re-release of Deadpool 2 now has an official title and release date.

According to Deadline, the official title is now Once Upon a Deadpool and it’ll hit theaters on December 12th now (previously it was December 21st) and will run through Christmas Day. They have some more details about what to expect:

“Savage, of Wonder Years fame, co-stars with Reynolds in the framing sequence for Once Upon A Deadpool, which hijacks its bedtime-story set-up from The Princess Bride, the 1987 classic that also famously featured Savage as a child actor. In eight scenes were filmed that will be used as interstitial additions to the existing sequel’s footage. The running time of Once Upon A Deadpool is abut three minutes shorter than Deadpool 2 but Fox declined to be more specific about the new footage duration.”

Previously international theaters were told that it would include fifteen minutes of additional footage and a new character, meaning that is just the Fred Savage scenes described above.

They also hint that Deadpool could end up being PG-13 in the MCU is this version of the character performs well:

“The reconstituted PG-13 version of the hit offers the studio a chance of a “Christmas bonus” and could also be repurposed as the franchise’s first viable play in China. The response to the PG-13 repackaging is also being watched closely by the leadership at Disney and its Marvel Studios and may inform the way they incorporate Deadpool into their plans.”

This will also help Deadpool 2 close the box office gap between it and the original movie. Despite costing a lot more money than the first film, the sequel didn’t match its box office in the end. This re-release, and the release in China, should close that gap and possibly exceed it.