Thanos May Be Returning to Fortnite…Soon

Marvel fans who play Fortnite will probably remember the Limited-Time Mode back in Season 4 when Avengers: Infinity War was arriving in theaters that spawned the Infinity Gauntlet on the map, and whoever found it could play as Thanos. Well, there’s a slight possibility that the LTM may be coming back, as Epic is making some modifications to the Thanos files.

One of Thanos’ ability was a laser beam, and in the 6.2 Fortnite files the icon for that ability has been updated.

If they’re updating files from a past LTM, it’s possible that it’s going to come back in some way. Some people think it could be that they would add the Infinity Gauntlet to Playground, but the other possibility is even cooler.

With the Avengers: Annihilation trailer expected to arrive at some point in November, it’s possible that they’re going to bring back the Thanos LTM to coincide with the release of the first trailer. And if they’re updating the Thanos files right now, it could mean that’s coming very soon.