Report: These are the 2020 Marvel Studios Releases

Even though Marvel Studios won’t officially announce their Phase 4 movies until San Diego Comic Con in July, the movies we’ll see in 2020 are starting to come into focus.

Now a new report from The Hashtag Show clarifies what movies will land in the two 2020 release dates that Marvel has staked out. According to them Black Widow will be the May 1, 2020 release while The Eternals will be the November 6, 2020 film.

About the The Eternals, the site says:

“We are told that the script by Matthew and Ryan Firpo was more heavily influenced by Kirby’s 1976 work and will not only introduce the worlds of the Eternals and Deviants, but also connect to several existing characters, leave doors open for the introductions of any number of new ones and establish a deep history of the MCU.”

With their connection to the Celestials, The Eternals could be a way to introduce Galactus and the genetic tampering angle that led to The Inhumans in the comics could be a path to Mutants in the MCU.

I know trade reporters love to trash The Hashtag Show, but they do get things correct such as describing the Venom post-credit scene exactly as it was more than a year before release. Right now there’s no reason to doubt that these will be the 2020 Marvel movies as they do seem to be the two that are furthest along with scripts and directors in place.