Rescue Confirmed in Avengers 4?

Last week I let you know how an action figure leak appeared to help confirm the rumors that Pepper Potts would finally be suiting up as “Rescue” in Avengers 4. Today a leaked photo from the movie appears to confirm it.

I won’t host the picture here, but it’s readily available all over Instagram and other social media channels…until Disney starts cracking down on it and has it removed. But the leaked image shows Gwyneth Paltrow in here Rescue costume from Avengers 4. It looks like the purple and white version of the suit as many people are familiar with from the Iron Man Armored Adventures animated series (above).

The origin of the image is unknown, although people on Reddit are claiming it was posted to her Instagram story, but there isn’t a story on her feed where it appears.

Where ever the image came from, it does seem to confirm that the action figures that leaked last week did accurately show characters that would appear in Avengers 4; including Rescue.