There Are Now Only Two MCU Movies Set for 2020

This morning Marvel has dropped one of the unannounced 2020 movies from their release schedule. Previously they had set a movie for 7/31/2020 but today that movie is no longer set.

That means there are now only two MCU movies scheduled for 2020. One on May 1st, and another on November 6th.

Since Marvel won’t be announcing the Phase 4 slate until San Diego Comic Con in July, it’s anyone’s guess what the two movies are. It seems that Black Widow will likely be the next MCU movie to begin filming, and there are rumors that Doctor Strange 2 won’t be long after that. The Eternals is another possibility as Marvel just hired a director for that movie.

It’s possible that the July 2020 movie could’ve been Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which Marvel is rumored to be looking for a director on right now.