September 27, 2020

RUMOR: Pepper’s ‘Rescue’ Suit May Finally Appear in Avengers 4

For the past year, MCU fans have been debating over an image the Gwyneth Paltrow posted on her Instagram story during the filming of Avengers 4 that showed her in a motion capture suit. If the action figure line for Avengers 4 is anything to go by, we may now have an answer; and it’s one Marvel fans have been waiting a very long time for.

In the comics, Pepper has her own suit of Iron Man armor called the Rescue armor. The 6″ line of action figures in the “Hero Vision” line for Avengers 4 features a new suit of Iron Man-style armor worn by what looks like a female character. The figure is called Rescue, and the armor is purple, with light green (or white) on the mask and parts of the leg. It also may be in a two-pack with Iron Man much like the Thor/Rocket and Captain America/Captain Marvel two-packs.

It looks a lot like the version in the animated Iron Man series, only with less secondary color accents. Again, it’s pretty much solid purple with a light green (or white) mask and a couple of strips of color on the legs.

Here’s the picture from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram story with the motion capture suit:

You can’t always rely on the Avengers action figures to be accurate to the movie, as they like to add figures from the comics to pad out the wave to an even number. However with the picture of Gwyneth in a motion capture suit, and the “Rescuer” figure as part of the line it’s kind of hard to ignore the connection between her wearing a CG body suit and the figure.