September 25, 2020

Sorry, That Avengers 4 Trailer Description With ‘Hulk’s Rematch’ is Fake

Marvel Studios' AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2018

I’ve avoided addressing those multiple Avengers: Annihilation trailer descriptions that are being spread around because honestly it’s a waste of time to give attention of obvious fan fiction. But when big clickbait sites start to spread the description and abuse their reach to fool people into thinking it’s real, then it’s time to shoot down something that “sounds too good to be true”. Because honestly, the big fake description going around sounds like stupid fan fiction cooked up on Reddit…because it is.

The description I’m talking about is the one that begins with the damaged gauntlet with Tony’s voice over while Tony and Steve ruinite. It has a Rocket/Nebula fist bump, and it ends with Hulk training for his rematch. That description is 100% fake. With the amount of dialog and spoilery scenes detailed, it also describes a super long trailer, not the two-minute or so one we’ll see in late November.

Just to be clear, I’m only addressing the “Hulk rematch” description here, as that’s the one that’s going viral and people are actually believing it.

The real teaser trailer will be much shorter, and not spoil too much of the actual plot. It’ll feature dialog and scenes that give a hint about what happens in the next Avengers movie, without laying out specific plot points or story lines. Elaborate trailer “leaks” like the Hulk rematch one will be common until we get the trailer, so people just need to have their guard up to not be fooled by someone’s fan fiction on Reddit.