New Details on the First Spider-Man PS4 DLC ‘The Heist’

Next week the first of three pieces of downloadable content for the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man will release. We’ve known for a while that “The Heist” would involve Black Cat, and if you’ve played the game already you know that she and Peter already had a thing going in this universe. The core game has a series of Black Cat side-missions that unlock a cool black Spider-Man suit if you complete them, and this DLC will add three more suits to unlock.

The PlayStation Blog revealed today that the DLC that drops next Tuesday will include new crimes, challenges, trophies, and three suits. The new “Resilient Suit” was designed just for the game, just like the Velocity Suit in the core game. In addition to that you’ll also be able to unlock the red/black Scarlet Spider II suit, and the Spider-Man UK suit from Spider-Verse.

The Heist is out next Tuesday for $10, or you can buy all three parts of the DLC in a bundle for $25. If you haven’t yet finished the main story of Spider-Man, you may want to stop doing all those side activities and get to it before next week!