The Disney-Fox Purchase Should Complete By January 1st

UPDATE: Variety has amended their article with a new line, which reads: “But he said that structure of New Fox — down to elements such as human resources and payroll — will be ready to go by Jan. 1. Regulatory processes will likely drag the ultimate closure beyond that date.”

That means people hoping to see hints of Fox characters in the MCU will still have to wait until after Avengers 4 releases, depending on how long the regulatory process delays the final date.

People have been wondering when the Disney-Fox deal would be complete, and despite them saying the first half of 2019, there hasn’t been a set date…until now.

According to Variety and the 21st Century Fox president; the deal will be complete by January 1st.

This means unless they rush some movies into production, we’re probably not going to see Gambit happen, and others like X-Force and Multiple Man are doubtful. We also won’t see any of the characters play a large role in the MCU any time soon, but if it does close in January there would be time to film some kind of post-credits tease for Avengers 4 if they want to.

Of the Fox characters, we’re likely to see the Fantastic Four in the MCU first with the Mutants following. I’ve heard some things and the plans they have for them are pretty cool, and close to what some people have already been speculating about…