Paul Rudd Knew About ‘The Snap’ Before Infinity War

Most fans know the story about how the cast of Avengers: Infinity War didn’t know how the movie would end until the day they filmed their deaths from The Snap, but one of the Avengers did know how it was going to end before that movie was made.

Paul Rudd was on Marvel’s This Week in Marvel video bonus today, and he revealed that he did know about The Snap before Infinity War, and why he did:

“Oh yea, I knew about it before. Before Infinity War. I knew about it because I’m one of the writers on the script. So I was aware of the some of the things like that we saw in Infinity War. I feel like I’m being let in on some government secrets.”

Based on how Ant-Man and the Wasp ended, and where that leaves Scott Lang, you have to wonder if he also knew what would happen next; meaning how Scott is freed from the Quantum Realm to become involved with Avengers 4.

Here’s the video: