September 24, 2020

Dark Phoenix Was Not Delayed to Join the MCU

There’s a completely bogus theory from a certain website that’s starting to get more attention than it deserves, and while myself and almost everyone else has already pointed out how it’s false; there are still people asking if it could be true. And it’s absolutely not.

The bogus rumor claims that Fox delayed Dark Phoenix to next June so it could be secretly added to the MCU. There are a couple of reasons why this is completely stupid and should’ve never been published in the first place by one of the biggest comic book sites online, so lets just list them:

  • Kevin Feige will take over the X-Men once the Disney-Fox deal closes sometime next year. Aside from Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, everyone is being recast. The entire series will go through a reboot. They don’t want 19 years of screwed up continuity and baggage dragging down the X-Men in the MCU. So this cast and the stories already told will no longer count, which is why Dark Phoenix won’t fit in the MCU at all.
  • The stupid theory says that in Avengers 4 they’ll time travel back to the 90s and meet these X-Men. Again, since they’re rebooting the X-Men in the MCU that wouldn’t fit. Also, that would need Disney to film the X-Men characters as part of Avengers 4 now, which is not something they can legally do until the deal closes next year. The outlet running that original rumor is being fed bogus information from a source trying to hoax them that says Disney is secretly filming the Fox characters in Avengers 4 “just in case”.

The real reason for the Dark Phoenix delay is Alita: Battle Angel. Originally that movie was opening against Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman, Bumblebee, and Holmes & Watson. Fox knew it was being sent to die, so they had to move it. February was the best spot, so Dark Phoenix was pushed to June in the original date Fox had reserved for Gambit. It’s not some grand (stupid) conspiracy to add the characters to the MCU, it was simply a scheduling shuffle to prevent Alita: Battle Angel from completely bombing.