September 28, 2020

Spider-Man is Not in Venom

Sony has been really cagey about the Spider-Man question when it comes to Venom next week. Trying to dodge the question in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con this past July created a very uncomfortable moment where they didn’t want to come out and admit the truth and lower hype for the movie, while still trying to hype people up for potential future team-ups.

With Venom out in a week, there are people who have seen the movie now, and asked the filmmakers about the lack of the spider on Venom’s chest. They admitted that Spider-Man doesn’t show up in the movie and that Venom’s origin is not connected to him in this new Sony universe:

“The most challenging thing, obviously, was to figure out what to put on his chest to replace the spider since we couldn’t use the spider in our film,” Venom director Ruben Fleischer told “We went through a million iterations before we landed on the sort of pattern of veins that he has in the movie.”

They go on to confirm that they couldn’t use Spider-Man due to a lot of legal considerations (surrounding Spidey being in the MCU now):

“There was a lot of legal considerations but the most important thing was more creative which was if Spider-Man’s not gonna be in the movie and his origin is not from Spider-Man then logically it doesn’t make any sense that he would have a spider,” Fleischer explained. “So, as soon as we knew that Venom didn’t originate from Spider-Man in our version of the movie, then we had to figure out something else to put in the spider’s place.”

And no, this also doesn’t mean they’re keeping a cameo or post-credits scene secret. I know what’s in the credits and Venom fans will go nuts over what’s there, but if the “legal considerations” prevented them from using the Spider or Spider-Man in the movie; that includes cameos and credit stingers.