The Gambit Movie Will Film Early Next Year

With the pending closure of the Disney-Fox deal, a lot of the Marvel movies Fox had planned were up in the air. If you remember, they announced a movies based on X-Force, Gambit, Multiple Man Kitty Pryde, Silver Surfer, and Doctor Doom. We know both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are coming, but the fate of the others were unknown. Any movie Fox gets into production (or finished) by the time the deal closes will be released, so it’s just a question of how many they can get going.

Obviously the Silver Surfer and Doom movies aren’t going to happen as those were going to be further out, but it sounds like some of the Mutant ones will still happen.

Simon Kinberg updated IGN on their status:

“Gambit has a great script and we’re looking to start that movie early next year. Multiple Man, that script’s being worked on right now,” Kinberg said. As for X-Force, “we’re just waiting for Drew Goddard to be done with releasing his film that comes out in a few weeks, and then he’ll get started on that script to direct.”

Previously Omega Underground reported that Gambit would film in February. Simon Kinberg confirms their report in the quote above. There was no mention of the Kitty Pryde movie, which means that one probably won’t be happening now.