September 24, 2020

The Dark Phoenix Trailer is Here!

As promised earlier in the day, Fox has released the first trailer for February’s finale to the main “X-Men” movie series; Dark Phoenix.

The trailer doesn’t really give away too much, and aside from some cars flipping there’s not much action showcased here. It’s a lot of dialog and close ups, and even more worrying is that it looks like it recreates moments and scenes from the infamous X-Men: The Last Stand. That was the last time Fox attempted to tell the Dark Phoenix story, and once again this movie is being written (and now directed) by the same person who did that one so long ago.

With the movie out in February it’s not known if we’ll get another trailer to see more of the film before it’s out. It’s currently undergoing reshoots in Montreal, which means this trailer is likely made up of footage prior to those changes.

Look for a trailer breakdown soon on the MCU Cosmic YouTube channel.