What Captain Marvel’s New MCU Origin May Be

Following MCU Cosmic’s video breakdown of the Captain Marvel trailerSkrul yesterday, the internet has been flooded with some pretty crazy theories about what Carol’s origin in the MCU is. From people claiming it’s basically Green Lantern in the comics, which Marvel has said they’re not doing, to crazier things such as Carol being a Skrull; there are some really “out there” theories right now.

I’ve heard some rumors about what the new MCU origin is, and the trailer seems to back those up. This video doesn’t have any major spoilers, but informed speculation based on rumors I’ve heard. The video covers:

  • What Carol’s origin was in the comics.
  • How it’s not really a Green Lantern comparison.
  • What does Robocop have to do with her new MCU origin?
  • How that story element could lead to a big twist in the movie.

Here’s the video and be sure to subscribe to the MCU Cosmic Youtube channel: