September 24, 2020

MCU Cosmic’s Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

With the release of the Captain Marvel trailer, MCU Cosmic is bringing you our first deep dive trailer breakdown of a new Marvel trailer. In the video we go frame by frame through the trailer and point out some very interesting things about this first teaser trailer for Captain Marvel.

Things spotted in the trailer:

  • The escape pod is evidence that the origin will be different in this version of Captain Marvel.
  • Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos is overseeing the examination of a Skrull on Earth with Nick Fury present.
  • A 90s era S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet.
  • Our first look at Hala?
  • Possible evidence that Carol Danver’s powers in the MCU originate from the Quantum Realm.

Here’s the video and be sure to subscribe to the MCU Cosmic Youtube channel: