If Marvel is Looking for Captain Britain, Someone Perfect is Available…

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s some bad news over on the DCEU side of the fence as Henry Cavill is out as Superman. The news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, but it’s since been confirmed by The Wrap, Variety, and Deadline. So despite the denial people on Reddit are going through, this is real and Cavill is done as Superman. And it could be perfect timing for a MCU role.

Over the weekend, Ain’t It Cool News ran a rumor that Guy Richie is going to direct a Captain Britain movie. Now, no one else has confirmed that report and Richie seems to be pretty busy right now with Disney’s live-action Aladdin and then a new British gangster movie called Toff Guys immediately after that; so the existence of a Captain Britain movie is still just a rumor.

But, if Marvel were looking for a Brian Braddock in the MCU they should be backing up a truck of money to Henry Cavill’s house. He’d be perfect for a Captain Britain in the MCU, and he wouldn’t even have to bother with an American accent like he did with Superman. It’d also create some pretty epic meltdowns on the internet to see Superman “defect” to Marvel to be a superhero in the MCU.

Even though the movie is just a rumor right now, the timing for Captain Britain in the MCU is pretty much perfect. With the Fox Mutants coming home to Marvel within the next year or so, introducing Captain Britain into the MCU could open the door for one of my favorite superhero teams on the big screen. It could lead to Excalibur in the MCU!