New Avengers 4 Set Photos Confirm That Leaked Promo Art Was Real!

Back in June, a piece of promotional art for Avengers 4 leaked on the internet. It featured the full team of surviving Avengers, all of them sporting new looks such as a clean-shaven Captain America and a Black Widow who had long red hair. Following that leak, even more promotional art from the movie came out, proving it was real.

That didn’t stop some prominent figures on social media from proclaiming it was “Fake” due to people who didn’t see the actors in Atlanta sporting the looks in the promo art:

As Avengers 4 enters reshoots in Atlanta this week, new set photos are coming out proving that promotional art was indeed real. In these new set photos you can see Chris Evans sporting his clean-shaven Cap look from the art, and most importantly Scarlett Johansson now has long red hair as she did in the leaked artwork.

I won’t host the photos here, but you can find them all at JustJared.