The First Captain Marvel Trailer Should Arrive Within the Next Two Weeks

Following the Entertainment Weekly Captain Marvel reveals this week, everyone is wondering when the first trailer will arrive. In fact, there are some people online really upset that they didn’t get the trailer yesterday, despite the magazine never releasing a Marvel trailer before. However, these EW Marvel covers have preceded trailers in the past, and traditionally it’s only been a couple weeks after the EW cover when the trailer went online.

I’ve been able to confirm that yes, the current plan is to release the first teaser trailer for Captain Marvel within the next two weeks. However I’ve also heard that it could arrive as early as next week. That sounds exciting, but that’d be earlier than trailers were in the past following an EW cover. I don’t have any reason to doubt this source, so if they feel like it could be next week it’s a possibility.

I don’t have the exact date yet, just a general range saying within the next two weeks and possibly as early as next week. As soon as I have the exact date, you can be sure I’ll let you know what is is right here on MCU Cosmic.