The “We Want the Trailer” Boys Are Back in Action For Captain Marvel

Prior to the release of the first Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer back in November, a group of Marvel fans went on YouTube and put out a video that quickly earned quite a few fans online where they made their desire to see the trailer very well known.

Now they’re back with a new video set in various familiar MCU locations around Atlanta doing the same for Captain Marvel. You can see the video embedded below.

Of course this will just make people wonder when we will actually see the teaser trailer for Captain Marvel, and I wrote up something last week that says September is a very realistic place where it could pop up. The question is when in September we’ll see it.

I’ve heard that releasing it on Good Morning America would be surprising, as it was a very big deal for them to get the second Infinity War trailer. That leads me to believe something like Jimmy Kimmel Live! or Monday Night Football would be good candidates for the trailer, or Marvel could do something completely different for it since it is Captain Marvel and it’s their first female-led superhero movie.

Here are the “We Want the Trailer” boys back at it: