An Unnamed ‘Phase 4’ MCU Movie Begins Filming in June

black widow

Despite the drama surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel hasn’t slowed down their plans for Phase 4 and now we’ve learned of one unnamed movie that will begin filming in the summer.

Omega Undergound has found the production listing for an upcoming MCU movie that will begin filming in June in the United Kingdom.

There are a few possibilities for what it could be, but the most likely one is Black Widow. Some tabloids have speculated that it’s for Doctor Strange, but Black Widow is likely a little further along with a script ready and a director recently hired. They’ve also been staffing up important production positions for the movie.

If it is Black Widow, a June start next year could mean it will be the July 2020 release from Marvel Studios. A movie such as that wouldn’t be too effects-heavy and it’s the sort of MCU movie they can quickly turn around in twelve months for that summer release slot that Marvel has already staked out.