No, the Russo Brothers Didn’t Reveal a Real Avengers 4 Title on Instagram

People online today are freaking out with reports that the Russo Brothers revealed the Avengers 4 title on Instagram, but unfortunately it’s not true. Unfortunately the image was a joke on the part of the Russos, but they didn’t realize that people on the internet would take it seriously.

A few hours ago the official Russo Brothers Instagram account posted an image with the title “Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity” on it with a hashtag that directed people to an unrelated account promoting a Yayoi Kusama art exhibit in Los Angeles, which the Russos were likely checking out.

The image was deleted within three minutes, but people captured a screen shot of it:

Kevin Feige has officially said that we won’t see the Avengers 4 title until later in the year when they launch the movie, meaning we’ll get it around the same time as the first teaser trailer. If they release the first trailer around the same time that they did Avengers: Infinity War, that means it’ll most likely be around late November.