Rumor: Carol Danvers’ Cat is Named ‘Goose’ in Captain Marvel

Readers of the Captain Marvel comic know that the character is a huge Star Wars fan. She drops Star Wars references all the time, and she named her cat Chewie. Well now based on some new merchandise, it’s possible that they changed the name of the cat in the upcoming movie.

Ashley Eckstein of Star Wars and Her Universe fame posted some photos from a visit to Marvel Studios today, and one of the merchandise photos shows a cat’s name tag with the name “Goose” on it instead of “Chewie”:

Carol Danvers is still a fighter pilot in the MCU, and with the movie being set in the 90s, naming the cat “Goose” (possibly after Anthony Edwards’ character in Top Gun) would fit the character and not be too much of an inner-company crossover with Lucasfilm. We’ll have to wait and see if this is really a name change for Chewie.