Antoine Fuqua Will Meet With Kevin Feige Soon

There’s a video going around where Equalizer 2 director Antoine Fuqua is asked about doing a superhero movie in the future, and he reveals that he’s going to meet with Kevin Feige soon.

The interview is with Hey U Guys and they ask him if he’s ever considered doing a superhero movie. He says Sony offered him the Morbuis movie, and he’s thought about it because his agents always bring it up to him. He does say he’s going to meet with Kevin (meaning Feige) soon, but it sounds like it’s just a general meeting and nothing really specific just yet.

This is similar to how Jay Chandrasekhar had a general meeting a little while ago. They’re not really to offer anything specific, just to see if the directors would be interested in anything Marvel is working on.

While a lot of people are immediately thinking Fuqua would be great for Blade, Marvel Studios has a lot of movies in various stages of early development that he could be even better for. We’ll just have to wait and see if he ends up doing anything with Marvel Studios in the future. This general meeting isn’t a guarantee of him choosing anything just yet.