Sorry But Cull Obsidian is NOT a Captain Marvel Easter Egg in Infinity War

This morning most sites are running around referencing a Reddit post that claims that Cull Obsidian is wearing Captain Marvel’s sash (or part of her costume at least) in Avengers: Infinity War. The problem is…he’s not.

In the image above, it does look like the sash on Cull Obsidian’s belt is the same color as Captain Marvel’s costume, but that’s just due to the subdued lighting and color grading in that scene. In reality, the sash on Cull Obsidian is orange and purple, not red and blue.

And if you want proof from the movie, the park fight (just one scene after the one above) shows the correct orange and purple coloring on the sash:

And the statue of him at the D23 Expo in 2017:

Here’s a close up of the official Iron Studios 1/10th scale statue released for the movie, which shows the correct color of his costume:

While it’s easy to see how Cull Obsidian could have something of Captain Marvel on his costume, by the time of Infinity War Carol Danvers would’ve been out in space for more than twenty years, this is just the case of the internet seeing an Easter Egg where there really isn’t one due to the lighting of a scene making something look a different color than it actually was.