The Russo Brothers Address the Fan Theory About Tony’s Dream in Infinity War

Recently there’s been a fan theory about Tony’s dream in Avengers: Infinity War, and now the Russo Brothers have addressed it…in a way.

The theory says that Tony’s dream at the beginning of the movie isn’t really a dream but a vision or memory from a future time line where he and Pepper have a kid. The theory is based on the rumors that Avengers 4 will pick up some time in the future where Tony may have a child.

Tonight Vudu is doing their Viewing Party hosted by the Russo Brothers, and I asked them about the theory and this was their response:

So Tony’s dream was just that, but there could be something more to it based on their comment about it being mysterious that made it so real to him. We’ll just have to wait until next spring to see what the future might hold for Tony Stark and that mysterious Morgan Stark…