Official Spider-Man: Far From Home Logo Released

With next July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home in production now, it’s not going to be surprising if Sony begins to market the movie before Avengers 4 arrives next spring.

This morning the official Spider-Man Facebook page updated their cover photo and profile photo with the official logo from Far From Home. It’s not different from what Tom Holland showed when revealing the title, but now we have a nice high-res version of it.

Even though Spider-Man: Far From Home is releasing a couple of months after Avengers 4, Sony will likely begin marketing it with trailers early next year. That means those people who didn’t think that Spider-Man would come back from being dusted will obviously be spoiled, but it’s not something Sony will be able to avoid when marketing their new Spider-Man movie. Obviously how he came back will probably be hidden in the initial trailers, but they’re probably not going to wait until June to begin marketing a July released….