More Details on Dark Phoenix’s Status: It’s Still Being Released

dark phoenix

Yesterday a little bit of fake news about Dark Phoenix took the internet by storm, despite it being 100% bogus, but today there’s even more information about the movie and the current status of the reshoots.

Revenge of the Fans spoke to a source who would absolutely know what’s happening with the movie and has some clarification of where it stands right now. I’ve been able to confirm with Mario at Revenge of the Fans off the record who told them this, and it’s absolutely legitimate information of where Dark Phoenix is at this time:

  • The production is currently set up in Montreal, as it prepares for a couple of weeks of reshoots
  • Those reshoots will take place across August and September
  • Whole set pieces are actively being constructed for this additional photography

Does that sound like something that would be happening for a film that’s been cancelled or scrapped?

As I explained yesterday, a teaser trailer for Dark Phoenix was shown to exhibitors at CinemaCon in Barcelona last month. It’s very likely that trailer will be hitting theaters either in August or September as Fox has a couple of releases it could go with: The Darkest Minds or The Predator.

So despite what someone on an internet message board or wild-eyed YouTuber tries to tell you, Dark Phoenix is not cancelled. They’re doing reshoots over the next couple of months and it’s still on track for its February release as of now.