No, Dark Phoenix and New Mutants Were Not Secretly Cancelled

dark phoenix

This morning a piece of complete BS is being spread around and going viral, when it’s not true at all.

The rumor claims that Fox secretly cancelled both Dark Phoenix and New Mutants. The problem with this rumor is the source is a user named “slugzilla” on the Superhero Hype Forums who has been spreading bogus “insider” information about New Mutants and other movies for months on those forums. The person has also emailed his information to multiple sites in an attempt to get them to run stories about it.

What happened today is the guy who runs Comic Book Movie decided to legitimize completely bogus forum gossip for clicks, and then the whole thing spread and went viral. Cosmic Book News even listed the source as the Superhero Hype Forums:

Sources: User at SHH forums claims to be a Fox employee / Reddit user did a write-up summarizing the SHH posts.

There are a lot of reasons why Fox won’t cancel two completed movies. The biggest of which are the lawsuits they’d instantly be hit with. Not only from the financiers of the movie, but also actors who these days will often waive some of their normal fees for points against the box office of the movie. Fox would be hit with contract violation lawsuits immediately.

Fox has shown a Dark Phoenix trailer to exhibitors at CineEurope, and both movies have had multiple public test screenings. Just because fans haven’t seen that trailer it doesn’t mean the movie is secretly cancelled. And once again, Disney is not having any say in what Fox does with their movies until sometime next summer as the merger will not be final until then.