The Guardians React to James Gunn’s Firing

Following Disney firing James Gunn last Friday after some offensive old Tweets of his were dug out, the internet has erupted with reactions. Everyone was waiting to see what his cast of Guardians of the Galaxy would say, and now all of them have made comments on the situation.

Dave Bautista was the first, quickly reacting to the news:

Following that Tweet, Bautista went on a Drax-like rampage on Twitter. You can check out his feed for all of it.

Then the remaining Guardians spoke up:

James’ brother Sean also reacted with a Tweet thread. Click on his Tweet below to see the whole thing:

There’s currently a petition for “Marvel” to re-hire James Gunn that’s closing in on 200,000 signatures. The issue is he wasn’t fired by Kevin Feige, he was fired by the head of the Walt Disney Studios; Alan Horn. So re-hiring him isn’t likely something Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios could do without convincing their bosses otherwise.