SDCC 2018: Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Visual Development Live Blog

The first of two Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary panels is about to begin at San Diego Comic Con.

The Visual Development panel features Ryan Meinerding, Andy Park, Charlie Wen, Rodney Fuentebella, Jackson Sze, Anthony Francisco, and is moderated by Tara Bennett. The live blog will begin as soon as the panel does.

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Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Visual Development Live Blog

New Updates

Panel is now wrapping up with a clip from Iron Man and a teaser for the 10th Anniversary book that has a new sketch of the Mark 1 Iron Man armor. Comes out day and date with Avengers 4.


Question about Thanos design and evolution across the movies! Charlie Wen designed him prior to Brolin, and used Chitauri influence. Ryan worked on him after Brolin and the focus was to make him the most realistic CG character ever.


Is there still a tension between design and costuming and CG. Andy Park brought up Hela and how her atlers were CG and early designs had the antlers on her back. Taika pushed for the original Kirby look.


Question about designing a character before casting is done. They can do a lot of fun experimentation, but then when someone is cast it becomes a lot more real.


The Ancient One asks about costume storytelling and details they're proud of. Andy Park brings up how Hank Pym's design is seen through all of the Ant Man suits.


Was there any planning with making the different parts of the universe seen in Ragnarok and Infinity War mesh. Simple answer: Kevin Feige has a plan.


Question on when they move on from a design. Ryan gives a very long and good answer about how he keeps working on something until it works.


Guy asks if the Wasp's costume was supposed to look like a dick. They say it's not intentional and the guy obviously sees that in anything.


Advice on getting into this industry. Charlie Han suggests figure design.


Convoluted question about designing a character in subsequent movies. Ryan explains the first time is the most challenging. It's easier after that.


What character would they want to do that they haven't done yet? Andy Francisco: Wolverine


First question is if any comic artist was upset about a movie design: NO


Q&A Time


Andy Francisco used his kids as reference for Baby Groot.


A version of Black Panther was in development in 2011 before Ryan Coogler made the "definitive" version of it.


Concept art for the elevator fight in Winter Soldier!


Lots of talk about character design as we see concepts for Nebula and Gamora.


After lots of great Ultron art, Andy Park is up.


Now seeing some Charlie Wen work from Thor.


Now we're seeing Ryan Meinerding Cap concepts.


Adi Granov Iron Man concept art on the screen (Gallery will come later tonight of everything!)


Of course, Iron Man is first up.


Panel introductions happening


Panel is beginning with the Marvel Studios logo playing on the screen.