Infinity War Concept Art of Thanos’ Farm May Confirm a Fan Theory

A new high-resolution piece of concept art of the finale of Avengers: Infinity War has been released, and the image name may give some weight to a fan theory of where Thanos was at the end.

When the movie came out in April, some fans believed that Thanos’ farm was actually on Titan…but Titan in the past. He used the Infinity Gauntlet to throw himself back in time to a restored Titan. Today concept artist Pete Thompson was given the go ahead to release his artwork from the movie, and the concept art of the farm specifically puts it on Titan:

If this is actually Titan, and Thanos is in the past, it could then tie into the rumors of time travel playing a huge part in Avengers 4. There’s more hints at that angle of the Avengers 4 plot coming later this week…