September 23, 2020

Reminder: Joe Russo Said the Avengers 4 Title Was Not Spoken in Infinity War

This morning people are going crazy over a posting on Avengers cinematographer Trent Opaloch’s website where he lists the title as Avengers: End Game (Omega Underground was the first to find the posting on his site). However, this title was actually debunked by Joe Russo back in May.

Back then people were going crazy thinking that Doctor Strange spoke the title of Avengers 4 to Ton Stark in the movie, when he said they were in the “end game”. This sparked Uproxx to ask the Russo brothers if that was the title:

Is the title of the fourth Avengers ever spoken in Infinity War?

Joe Russo: No.

Okay, because people have been looking for clues in the dialogue.

Anthony Russo: It’s certainly grounded in the narrative that we have been following throughout the MCU – very well grounded…

So the Russo brothers specifically debunked the “End Game” title theory back on May 7th. Could plans have changed? Possibly, but they claimed they had the title back then. So this could be Opaloch trolling fans or just putting a fake title on his site.