Tom Holland is Learning How to Dodge Spoilers

Those who are familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe know how Tom Holland is with spoilers. He leaks so many things he’s supposed to that it seems to be a competition between him and Ruffalo to see who can drop the biggest spoiler. For the Avengers: Infinity War press tour, Marvel teamed him with Cumberbatch who seemed to do an epic job preventing him from spoiling anything.

That expertise in dodging spoilers may have rubbed off on him, as he joked today about there not being a Homecoming sequel due to Infinity War:

If he keeps this up, Marvel might let him go solo during the press tour for Avengers 4! Of course there’s going to be a Homecoming sequel, but his dodge there shows the challenge that Sony Pictures is going to face in promoting a movie that will probably begin to have teaser trailers before Avengers 4 hits theaters next May.