September 28, 2020

Sorry, Avengers 4 is Not Titled ‘Fallen Heroes’

Following CineEurope yesterday, Twitter and Reddit have been flooded with fake Avengers 4 titles with hoaxers trying to claim that they have a leaked picture of the title. Except Marvel didn’t reveal the title there. They only referred to the movie as “Untitled Avengers

That means the movie is not called “Fallen Heroes”. Or “Heroes Forever”, “Forever Heroes”, “Time Break”, “Fallen Son”, “Eternal”, or any other blurry picture someone on Twitter is trying to pass off as a title to you.

This is what the screen looked like at CineEurope. It was a small screen, in a small room, and there was no title reveal:

When Marvel announces the Avengers 4 title, it will be everywhere. It’s not going to be in some secret room where someone will take a crooked and blurry cellphone picture of it.