Ant-Man and The Wasp Extended Footage Description

As they tend to do for most Marvel Studios movies, Disney is presenting some extended footage from Ant-Man and The Wasp in their parks over the next month. As with all previous previews, this is basically just one full scene from the movie that then transitions into the already released trailer.

The footage they’re showing at Disneyland is actually two scenes that bookend the trailer.

The first opens with Scott in what you think is an air duct as he’s breaking in somewhere. Until you see Cassie next to him. He built her a cardboard fort to simulate a heist, complete with red yarn laser security.

Scott and Cassie successfully complete their heist to steal Scott’s “World’s Greatest Grandma” trophy that Cassie got them. They get on a cardboard ant sled and escape through an elaborate slide Scott built for her. It’s a cute scene.

The second scene is Scott and Hope in costume flying through a school hallway when his new regulator malfunctions and he grows to about two feet tall.

Kids are getting out of class so he runs into a custodial closet to hide where the regulator malfunctions again and he grows so big his head dents the ceiling.

Hope fixes his regulator, he shrinks to normal size and it looks like they may kiss, and then it malfunctions again and he shrinks to kid size.

She disguised him with a sweat shirt and he tries to sneak out of the school, but a teacher sees him and asks him for his hall pass.

It ends with him getting in the van and Hope and Hank ribbing him for being a cranky little boy. Hank mockingly asks if he wants a juice box and string cheese, Scott asks if he really has that, and the preview ends.

The movie has the same tone that made the original so fun and I can’t wait to see the rest of it in a month!