Captain Marvel’s Filming Gives More Weight to the Monica Rambeau Rumors

Captain Marvel‘s production is headed to New Orleans next month and will be filming in the Baton Rouge area. While Louisiana is a common filming location for many movies that aren’t actually set there (such as Jurassic World), the Marvel Universe is a bit different as there’s a character from that area who may be in Captain Marvel.

As Omega Underground points out in their location report about the New Orleans shoot that’ll begin on June 26th, Monica Rambeau (Spectrum) is from that area. Originally DeWanda Wise was cast in a role in the movie only to be replaced by Lashana Lynch, and when that happened The Hashtag Show said that Lynch would be playing a “contemporary” of Carol Danvers.

Monica Rembeau definitely fits that description, and the production moving to the Baton Rouge area to film also meshes with the possibility of that character potentially appearing in the movie…