September 25, 2020

Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Film Lands ‘Red Sparrow”s Production Designer

Earlier this year when the movie Red Sparrow came out, everyone kept joking about how it was the Black Widow movie Marvel wouldn’t give us. Of course, Marvel’s been working on a Black Widow movie since last year when a writer was hired, and they’ve seen more than sixty-five candidates to direct it.

Now Omega Underground has learned that Marvel has hired Red Sparrow production designer Maria Djurkovic for the movie. They also say it looks like they’re moving towards a 2019 production start, which would mean the next big announcement for the movie will likely be the director.

A 2019 production start would seem to confirm that the movie is in fact a 2020 release. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 most likely landing in the May 1st date, that would mean that Black Widow would be in either the July or November slots.

Right not there’s not much known about the movie, other than it may be a prequel set both in the 1980s as well as just prior to the events of Iron Man 2 in the early 2000s.