The Vulture Will Return in Spider-Man 2!

While everyone is excited over the long-awaited big screen appearance of Mysterio in Spider-Man 2, there’s another bit of villain news buried in the announcements. And this is something that can pose a pretty awesome possibility for where the MCU Spider-Man is headed…

Variety claims that Michael Keaton will be back as Vulture along with Gyllenhaal:

“The Oscar-nominated actor is set to join Sony and Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” sequel. It’s currently unknown who he would be playing, but sources say he would likely be the new villain, joining Michael Keaton, who will return to reprise his role of Vulture.”

For those keeping track, the MCU Spider-Man would then have three (maybe four) of his famous villains introduced. Homecoming introduced Vulture and Scorpion, and the sequel gives us Mysterio. If you want to count the Shocker, that’s four, but as of right now we already have half of the Sinister Six. It’s possible that the Homecoming sequel could setup another one, leaving the final two for the third movie where Spidey faces off against the famous villain group.

Sony has wanted to do a Sinister Six movie for a while (Amazing Spider-Man 2 was meant to set it up), but that idea died with the Marvel deal. With the way they’re introducing Spider-Man’s favorite villains, it’s starting to look like we will eventually see the Sinister Six; only in a comic-accurate MCU way and not like in Amazing Spider-Man