How Deadpool 2 References the MCU

Deadpool 2 is now in theaters, and like the original before it there are actually references to the MCU in the Fox release.

The first Deadpool featured a Helicarrier in the climatic battle, as well as an appearance by Hydra Bob (just called “Bob” in the movie). Deadpool 2‘s references are a bit more direct.

  • Thanos is named.
  • In the Icebox prison, Wade compares his usefulness without powers to Hawkeye.
  • When Cable shows up, Wade comments on his “Winter Soldier arm”.
  • Late in the movie Wade calls Domino the “Black Black Window”.
  • During the fight with that famous X-Men villain, Deadpool uses Black Widow’s “the sun’s getting real low” trick. It doesn’t work.
  • At the end of the movie he refers to Dopinder as “Brown Panther”.

Before anyone uses these references as an excuse to push some completely bogus “Silver Surfer is in Avengers 4” lie, there’s a reason why Deadpool to is able to do this and it’s due to the nature of the character.

If the movie were to use those characters, as if they existed in the Fox Marvel Universe, it’d be against the rules and Disney could bring the hammer down on them. But since Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, the argument can be made that he’s just referencing the movies; much like how he compared how much his first movie made to The Passion of the Christ at the beginning of Deadpool 2.

Breaking the fourth wall and referencing a movie is very different than actually using a character the studio doesn’t own in a movie. That’s why they couldn’t call Bob “Hydra Bob” in the first Deadpool, and why Disney can’t use any of the Fox characters yet and are proceeding ahead with MCU movies such as The Eternals.